Charlottetown parks get water fountains

The city of Charlottetown has installed water fountains in some of its parks. 

Residents can now get a free, cool drink in Orlebar Park, Connaught Square and the dog fun park in Hillsborough Park near Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 

Two fountains have also been installed at Prince Street School and a school in West Royalty, said Mayor Philip Brown. 

Pets can drink too

The new fountains are blue and have three levels; one to fill up a water bottle, a normal drinking fountain and a bowl on the bottom from which animals can drink. 

Travis Kingdon/CBC News

Brown said he hopes the fountains encourage people to buy fewer plastic water bottles. 

"We're encouraging people to use their own water bottles and get away from these plastic bottles that are just polluting our waters," he said. 

Although it might seem like a small move, Brown said such initiatives add up. 

"These small steps end up being big steps in helping to make our environment more sustainable," he said. 

Charlottetown is looking at adding more fountains to other parks and areas in the city, Brown added. 

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