Charlottetown police seize $500K of cocaine

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Charlottetown police seize $500K of cocaine

Charlottetown police say cocaine is making a comeback in the illegal drug trade — and that a big bust over the weekend is proof of that.

Charlottetown city police say they seized more than two kilograms of cocaine Friday, after executing search warrants at three homes, in York, North Wiltshire and Pisquid.

Police said they were acting on information from the city's street crime unit.

"Just from what our drug people have seen, cocaine appears to be making a comeback," said Deputy Chief Gary McGuigan. "And from what we see here, that rings true."

Police displayed the drugs and other items seized Monday at their headquarters in Charlottetown. In addition to a plastic bag and a foil-wrapped parcel that police said contained cocaine, the display included a .22-calibre rifle, ammunition, handcuffs, cash, pills and powders, bags of dried marijuana, and a tray of young marijuana plants, among other items.

Drug-trafficking charges are pending against three men. Two of them were arrested and released. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of the third.

"Certainly in the history of Charlottetown, it is our most significant drug seizure and very well may be the largest drug seizure on Prince Edward Island of cocaine," said McGuigan.

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