Charlottetown sergeant urges people to read Little Black Book of Scams

Man killed by car after slip on road in South Indian Lake

A police officer in Charlottetown is urging people to read The Little Black Book of Scams, a tool for consumers and businesses published by the federal Competition Bureau.

"Knowledge is power in this sort of thing," said Staff Sgt. Kevin Baillie with L Division RCMP Criminal Operations. "And, people will say after the fact something just didn't seem right about the transaction or the request. And if you have that sort of feeling just kind of step back and do some checking before you offer up any information or send money."

The book is a forum with users about common tactics fraudsters use. The book looks at 12 different kinds of scams including pyramid schemes, dating and romance scams and scams facing small businesses. It also includes tips on how people can help themselves.

Baillie said if everybody read the book few people would fall victim to fraud.

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