Charmed Family Resort is moving locations

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After a successful launch in 2020, Charmed Family Resorts is looking to expand their horizons by moving to the Crowsnest Pass and adding more cabins to their magical collection. Plans to build a Story Book resort here in Alberta continue on with the addition of four more cabins they hope to have ready for June 1st.

The new location in the Pass is on developed land with sewer, water, and power. This means that the first big changes for the 2021 cabins will be the inclusion of fully functioning bathrooms. 2020’s original cabin, Midsummer, will have a detached bathroom, and plans for the other buildings are to have bathrooms attached to each cabin.

Audie Leavitt says that their creative team started with the midsummer cabin because it was open-ended and left the story of the cute little cottage up to the imagination of the visitor. When she posted it on TikTok many commenters debated if it was meant to be from the story of Hansel and Gretel, the Twilight movie, or from the world of fairies. Leavitt says “We wanted people to be able to envision themselves in whatever story they love out in the woods.”

The second cabin, Rapunzel’s tower, is mostly completed and waits in the shop to be transported to the site. A bathroom addition will be sprucing it up before it relocates, and hopefully will be to the benefit of the glampers out there who don’t want to stray too far from the beaten path to use the facilities. Leavitt says “Rapunzel’s tower is what we would imagine if Dame Gothel had her own cottage attached to the tower.” She adds that they get more questions about Rapunzel’s tower than any other cabin ideas they have had, and so they knew it had to be built for this year.

The three additional cabins that are still under construction will be Peter Pan themed -- the Darling house, a deserted pirate ship turned house, and a Lost Boys style tree house. The Leavitt’s chose a Peter Pan theme because they love how the one story lends itself well to three completely different builds with a pirate ship, a tree house, and an old Victorian house. As the Leavitts continue to add on to their resort they hope to add 2-3 cabins per story book theme during expansion. One future plan is to create a viking village in the resort.

The five cabins will be situated on quite a few acres of land, with the option to lease more land in the area as they expand. The Charmed Resorts land is much closer to town this time around which will mean that campers will have most amenities in a very short distance. If you don’t want to pack in food, you can eat out or buy groceries in the closest town.

The magical atmosphere that campers experienced last year shouldn’t change much as the new location is also nestled in the trees and under the mountains. There will be a little bit more of a community feel, with the five separate dwellings near each other, yet more private than your typical rv park or tenting sites.

Charmed Family Resorts opened bookings for the first two cabins last Friday and quickly tied up about 120 available days in less than a week. Rates range from $300-400 a night depending on availability and time. The second big change this year is that the resort will now be open year round with heating for the winter months. The new location is close to multiple skii hills and will make for a fantastic winter getaway. If you’re interested in booking one of the next three cabins, keep a watchful eye for the launch of the Peter Pan additions coming soon.

Elizabeth Thompson-Christensen, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Temple City Star