Chatham-Kent--Leamington remains blue

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Chatham-Kent--Leamington has voted blue once again.

Conservative Party of Canada Incumbent Dave Epp was re-elected as the MP for the Chatham-Kent—Leamington riding in last week’s federal election.

Epp received a total of 22,335 votes for a grand total of 40.8 percent of the votes. The Liberal Party candidate Greg Hetherington received the second most votes with 15,681 votes, good enough for 28.6 percent of the votes. NDP Dan Gelinas was third, and People’s Party of Canada candidate Liz Vallee was fourth. Green Party candidate Mark Vercouteren was fifth.

Epp also won 47 percent of the popular vote in the 2019 federal election, where he replaced retired Conservative Dave VanKesteren, who retired after holding the seat for 13 years.

According to Elections Canada, the Chatham-Kent-Leamington riding has a population of 109,619 with 86,615 registered voters. Elections Canada is reporting voter turnout to be 54,752 voters or 63.54 percent.

Epp first won the riding in the 2019 federal election by nearly 8,500 votes, defeating then Liberal challenger Katie Omstead to become a new Member of Parliament. He is a third-generation family farmer from the Leamington area, where he currently resides.

The Liberal Party won the federal election with enough seats to form a minority Parliament on a national level.

“When this election was called, we said it was an unnecessary election,” said Epp. “I think the results proved that.”

Epp believes that under the current government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the economy is experiencing high unemployment.

“As the pandemic wanes and the recovery begins, Conservatives will incentivize people getting back to work instead of paying people to stay home,” said Epp.

The Conservative Party of Canada’s incumbent said the confidence and trust shown by voters is something he will always respect.

“Now it’s time to get back to work for our communities and our nation,” said Epp.

Bird Bouchard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Ridgetown Independent News

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