Check out the hilarious prank Melissa McCarthy played on Octavia Spencer

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, Melissa McCarthy revealed the prank she played on her longtime friend Octavia Spencer on the set of their new movie Thunder Force. In the movie, the two play a pair of hapless superheroes with a purple Lamborghini. But, as they discovered, that sweet ride came with its share of issues.

“Neither one of us has ever been in a Lamborghini, so when we finally went to jump in and peel out in it, we realized, it's like 3 1/2 inches off the ground, and you have to go in on an angle, like you have to stiffen your body and go in like a corpse.”

Those issues gave McCarthy an idea, she just needed a little help from the crew.

“When we were shooting it for the first time, I had the transpo guys lower her seat even more,” McCarthy said. “So it's literally—like she's trying to get in, in her super suit, and it's like a quarter of an inch off the ground, but she's got to lay back while she slides in. And then she couldn't get out.”

They played a clip in which Spencer needed help from the crew to get out, after which McCarthy tells Spencer what she’d done. Spencer reacted with a big laugh.