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Checking in: Unique Airbnb picks of the week

If you’re looking for an authentic prison experience, this old provincial jail in Dorchester, N.B., about 25 minutes from Moncton, is likely as close as you can get.

Checking in: Unique Airbnb picks of the week

Did you just finish binge-watching the latest season of “Orange Is The New Black” and are in withdrawal?

Well, if you’re looking for another way to experience what it’s like to live in a prison, this week’s unique Airbnb picks are for you.

There’s a provincial jail in a village near Moncton, N.B. in Canada, a cell block in a police station from the 1880s in Utrecht, Netherlands and an old cabin jailhouse in southwestern Montana of the United States.

Click through the gallery to get a peek inside.

All photos courtesy of Airbnb.