Cheeky monkey makes itself at home on woman's head

Monkeys are one of the most amusing and fascinating animals. Perhaps their faces, or their behaviours remind us of ourselves. They have an uncanny resemblance to humans that strikes a chord with us. This monkey lives in Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali, Indonesia. It's a sanctuary where the monkey troop roams freely, enjoying a very natural life in many ways. Tourists are welcome to wander the paths of the forest and watch the monkeys. Occasionally, the monkeys take a serious interest in the tourists. This lucky visitor was taking a break from the walking and she took a seat on a wall. The cheeky monkey was quick to run out of the trees and climb up on her shoulder. It was hard to decide if the little fellow was looking for an opportunity to groom her hair, or hoping for a treat out of her pocket. This sanctuary guest was thrilled to have such an encounter with such a friendly little monkey. Although these animals are still wild, they are well acquainted with people visiting and they can be trusted enough to allow such an interaction. Guides wander the paths as well and they keep a close eye the animals to make sure that everything remains friendly. Visitors are able to see monkeys close up here. The monkey troop thrives in a sanctuary that is protected and funded by tourism, and the village itself profits from the tourism funds that the forest brings. This is a win for all concerned. And it was a huge win for this Canadian guest who described this as a bucket list item for her.