Chepstow Lions, municipality sign agreement for new decorative LED lights

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BROCKTON – Council voted in favour of the municipality signing a memorandum of understanding with the Chepstow and District Lions Club regarding decorative LED lights.

Council further approved including an additional $2,000 for new wiring and plugs on three light poles on John Street within the 2021 street light budget.

At the beginning of this year, the Chepstow Lions had asked for a donation from council to fund the purchase and installation of 20 LED decorative lights for the hamlet.

The club had purchased the old Walkerton wreath Christmas lights in 2006, and were looking to update to new LED lights.

Plans called for 17 of the lights to be placed on the main street, with three on John Street. The club will liaise with the director of operations for the municipality to get the work completed. The club hopes to have the lights installed in November or December, depending on the time it takes to get the lights and complete the installation work.

The club informed staff that the design for the new lights had been finalized and they were working with an Ontario distributor, Classic Display in Mississauga. The electrical contractor used by the municipality will do the installation and additional work.

At a subsequent meeting in January, council approved two $10,000 donations to the Chepstow Lions, one to be given this year and the other in 2022. The club asked for another $2,000 because additional wiring is required on the light poles for the three new lights on John Street. Staff determined that since this is an improvement to municipal streetlights, it could be incorporated into the budget.

“Everyone in Chepstow is looking forward to the new lights,” said Coun. Kym Hutcheon.

Coun. Steve Adams commented that the municipality’s small communities “mean a lot to us. We need to show it.”

Cargill proposes different governance structure for community centre

Council will be supporting the Cargill and District Community Fund (CDCF)’s future governance structure, whatever that will be.

Council representatives met with CDCF representatives Sept. 8 of this year, at which time council was told the group had made the decision not to be a committee-of-council. They have not yet decided what governance structure to pursue in the future.

The group would like to change its name from Cargill and District Community Fund to CDC Foundation.

The CDCF was formed in 1977 as a committee of Greenock Township and has worked ever since at fundraising, planning and capital projects involving the community centre, including the main building, kitchen addition, front entrance and playground. The fund has also supported breakfasts, reunions, homecomings and other events that have had a positive impact on the community.

“We will support them going forward,” said Adams.

Coun. James Lang commented, “They’ve done a tremendous job.”

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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