Chetwynd seniors’ housing society eyes gaming system

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The Chetwynd seniors’ housing society is looking into the possibility of a gaming system to promote health and social connectivity.

The system would use a projector to display interactive games, and would be installed at Surerus Place. Society liaison and district councillor Laura Weisgerber says obtaining the system is depends on BC Hydro grant money, and has asked the district for a letter of support.

“It’s supposed to help with their mental health and getting the seniors to socialize. It’s a pretty sophisticated unit. It can project on the floor, a table or a wall. If they’re in wheelchairs, they’re still able to play the game.”

Weisgerber says while the system will be installed at Surerus Place, once the COVID-19 pandemic passes, all seniors in the community could be invited to come and play games.

“Once COVID’s lifted, I’m hoping the rest seniors will come in and they can do little competitions and stuff like that."

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News

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