From Chez Serge to Chez Subban: Montreal bar changes name after Habs playoff ouster

From Chez Serge to Chez Subban: Montreal bar changes name after Habs playoff ouster

If the Montreal Canadiens can't win the Stanley Cup, the owner of the bar Chez Serge on St-Laurent Boulevard says he hopes the cup goes to his favourite player: P.K. Subban.

That's why Paulo Branco changed the sign of his bar to read 'Chez Subban' instead of 'Chez Serge' on Thursday afternoon to show his support for the former Canadiens player who was traded to the Nashville Predators in June 2016.

The new sign is earning a lot of chuckles, Branco said, and people are stopping to take photos with it.

"Mostly a lot of people laugh. A lot of people think it's very funny," he said.

Not intended to be political

With the Habs edged out of the playoffs in round one, watching the Predators advance to round two has been a stinging reminder of the controversial trade that saw Subban leave Montreal in exchange for Shea Weber. 

Blanco said the sign is not intended to be a slight to the Montreal Canadiens. He says if his favourite team can't win the cup, he'd like to see his favourite player win.

"The Canadiens can't lift the Stanley Cup this year, so I definitely want P.K. Subban to lift it," said Blanco.

"I love my wife, but I also love my mistress."

History of philanthropy

Subban was known in Montreal for his community involvement, most notably his pledge to help raise $10 million for the Montreal Children's hospital.

"The whole city loves P.K. Subban. We're sad to see him go," said Branco.

Branco said he's going to keep the sign up until the Predators are eliminated from the playoffs. Or until they win the cup.

P.K responds with 'huge smile'

Sports journalist Arpon Basu wrote on Twitter that he showed Subban the picture of the bar.

He said Subban responded with a smile and said, "It's pretty cool ... I'll have to stop by for lunch when I get there this summer."