Chicken Update

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Council for the RM of Longlaketon held a public hearing for a zoning bylaw for areas zoned as Country Residential 1 and 2, including Valley Ridge Acres, High Country Estates, Valley View Estates and the Cummins Subdivision. The zoning bylaw would also include several portions of land in the bylaw.

Public Notice on the hearing said the intent and reason was, “The proposed bylaw will include conditions to allow for the keeping of poultry and amend the maximum number of animals allowed…”

The issue first surfaced after a neighbour complained about the noise made from roosters that Jonathan Nernberg’s 13-year-old chicken enthusiast daughter keeps. The Nernberg’s live on 5 acres in Hillside Estates in the Cummins Subdivision. They specifically moved to the area believing they could keep chickens on the property because Natalie became infatuated with chickens in kindergarten after a field trip to an area farm.

Opposition to the poultry seems mostly around the Roosters whose greetings rise with the sun while others do not want restrictions on the country way of life to be “citified.”

Administrator Courtney Huber provided an update on the hearing. “We had two written submissions, one approving the bylaw and one against the bylaw. We also had 3 people voice their concerns with the bylaw at the meeting. As of now, the bylaw is not passed and we are getting clarification from Government Relations.”

Natalie’s best friend, Pepper, the silkie rooster, is still alive and well. Jonathan said while he is getting old as far as chickens go, he still rules the roost. He said he is hilarious because when Natalie closes up the coop at night, he is the last bird on the doorstep. Natalie picks him up and puts him in his box for the night. “He’s the ideal rooster.”

Jonathan said he’s okay with the one rooster limit the RM is looking to impose, depending on the RM’s definition of a rooster. He said, “When we hatch we use the cockerels as meat birds. We have been introducing new breeds so we buy some fertilized eggs for hatching. Last year we did keep a rooster for breeding other then Pepper but not planning on it this year.”

After the RM receives clarification from the Ministry of Government Relations, Huber says the Council will discuss moving forward with the zoning bylaw again at the October 12th meeting.

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times

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