Have All The Chicken At The New All-You-Can-Eat KFC Restaurant

It’s often the case that when you head to KFC you face an agonising choice as to what juicy chicken meal to go for - but now you can have it all.

That’s right, you can chow down on as much finger-licking chicken as you want as the chain is about to open their first all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant.

The only drawback is you’ll have to live in Japan as it’s opening in Osaka and not Ongar.

For £13 - the average price of a bucket meal - diners will be able to go and and grab as much chicken, chips and sides as they like.

There is only one limitation - you have 90 minutes to eat as much as you can which, to be fair, is more than most people need to get through a KFC.

Children under four can even eat for free, although we imagine some craft parents will try and sneak a few extra bits on their plates for themselves.

The restaurant is opening next week in the country’s huge Expo City centre - the place where the very first Japanese KFC opened in 1970.

This isn’t the first time an all-you-can-eat KFC has graced Japan - in September, restaurants across the country offered unlimited food and drunk to honour Colonel Sanders’ birthday.

No word on whether Britain can look forward to something similar - we’re going to need a lot of wet wipes if we do, though.

Pics: Rex

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