Are the Chiefs primed for another Super Bowl run?

After the Chiefs clinched their sixth straight AFC West title with a Week 16 win over the Steelers, Yahoo Sports' Andy Behrens and Scott Pianowski analyze Kansas City's momentum as they near the postseason with a much-improved defense.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Isn't it so funny how Kansas City's fixed their season, but their offense has never really looked like the Chiefs that we've grown up with the last few years. You know Mahomes is not going to be the MVP. Their offense is OK. I mean no Tyreek Hill involvement this week. We know Kelce didn't even play.

If you win-- your best ball teams that had Mecole Hardman and got nothing out of them for three months, congratulations. He actually showed up. Byron Pringle was their signature pass catcher in that game. I don't know. I mean Gore is probably going to get 9 to 11 touches. That's something. But it's not like it used to be where any seat on the Chiefs bus was a good seat. I don't feel that way anymore.

ANDY BEHRENS: Well, I will say that they're just a week removed from both Tyreek and Kelce going off, and then both of--


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: The COVID list. They just smashed the Raiders.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, and, you know, I'm perfectly willing to give a player a pass when they come off the COVID list one day and have to play the next day, and it was a quiet effort from Hill. Certainly a good sign that Mahomes was still able to essentially be Mahomes without having his two primary weapons at full capacity, Kelce not even playing.

And that defense has been such a wild story, right, because they were-- you know there was a point in the season, like pretty deep into the season, that they were giving up almost-- wasn't it like-- it was like seven yards per play or something like that.

It was like high sixes, silly number, super vulnerable, and then basically from like week eight on, it's been really legit. And listen, of course, they just ran into a couple of teams that they steamrolled that are just absolutely on fumes right now. But it has been quite a revival for the Chiefs. I mean you can squint a little bit and see the Chiefs of old, I think.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: That's fair. Yeah, right. I mean, first month of the season, they were turning every opponent into the greatest show on turf. The Rams, it looked like a historically bad defense and they fixed it. And that's what coaching is, right? Coaching is how do you get better as the season goes along.

So shout out to the Kansas City coaching staff, especially the defensive. I mean, we always talk about the Kansas City offensive coaching staff. But shout it to the defensive staff that's fixed this unit and made them. They're going to be in the pilot chair when the playoffs start.

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