Chikuma River Floods Wide Area After Typhoon Hagibis Rain

The Chikuma and Sal rivers burst their banks and flooded a wide area in Japan’s Nagano prefecture, after Typhoon Hagibis brought heavy rain to the country over the weekend of October 12.

NHK reported that rescue operations were being conducted by Self Defense Force helicopters, and that floodwater broke a levee in a 70-meter stretch in the Hoyasu district of Nagano city.

Video here of an aerial survey conducted by the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force Eastern Division shows the extent of the flooding in the area surrounding the rivers.

At least 42 people were killed when Typhoon Hagibis swept over Japan, national media reported, with more than a dozen others still missing on October 14 as search and rescue efforts continued. Credit: JGSDF Eastern Division via Storyful