In China, Girl Lies About Gender, Enters Boy Band And Then...

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You must have heard stories where girls disguised themselves as boys. However, it is very difficult to do something like that in real life. A similar case came to light in China. Here a 13-year-old girl lied about her gender and when the reality came out, she had to apologise in front of the entire country. Fu Jiayuan lied about her gender because of her love for music. Actually, she wanted an entry into a popular Talent Management Company, YGN Youth Club.

She managed to enter the group by lying but when her videos came in front of the people, they recognised her. The YGN Youth Club of China gives entry only to boys for training. This company took an online test for entries of the new batch due to Covid-19, the reason Fu did not get caught. This boy’s band is very popular among the people of China and children become a part of it in their teenage years only. Since Fu is a young girl, she looked like a boy and her singing, too, was highly appreciated. However, after some of her singing videos went viral, she had to face difficulties.

After Fu’s truth came out, the company said that they will pay special attention to these things. They will see to it that the rules and regulations of the company are followed properly, the company said. On the other hand, in her apology, Fu has said that she will leave the industry forever. Her school and personal life have been strongly affected because of one lie. Her fans, though, have appreciated her courage and said that she should be allowed to sing in future as well.

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