China tested its first-ever nuclear capable hypersonic missile in August, says report

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Beijing: China allegedly carried out its first-ever test of a "nuclear capable hypersonic missile" taking by surprise US intelligence, according to a report in a UK-based newspaper.

Citing the UK daily, NHK World reported that China carried out a test on a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August. According to the newspaper, the missile flew through low-orbit space before cruising toward its target.

It missed the target but the test is said to show "astounding progress" by China on hypersonic missile technology that "caught US intelligence by surprise", reported NHK World.

The US and Russia have also been working on hypersonic missiles. Such weapons fly at five times the speed of sound and can manoeuvre during flight, making them harder to track.

Experts say full development of such technology by China would impact the missile defense systems of the US and Japan, reported NHK World.

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