Chinese among 3 translated languages offered by Markham to help businesses comply with COVID-19 regulations

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The City of Markham has translated the information of COVID-19 rules and regulations into simplified Chinese, Tamil and Farsi to help residents and businesses, and to support York Region Public Health.

The page provides information on how businesses can better understand COVID-19 regulations, mandatory masks or face covering rules and how individuals can help stop the spread of the virus.

According to Jennifer Yap, Markham’s communications and media relations co-ordinator, the city’s phone line at 905-477-5530 also offers support in more than 175 languages.

Markham is one of the most diverse cities in Canada. Residents here have different cultural backgrounds and mother languages. However, due to limited budgets, the government currently provides only text translations in simplified Chinese, Tamil and Farsi.

Since Feb. 22, Markham has been in the red-control zone under the Keeping Ontario Safe and Open COVID-19 response framework. The city thanked the businesses that have successfully followed the COVID-19 safety measures needed to operate.

To better help them find and understand the regulations, and avoid being reported, the City of Markham encourages residents and businesses to visit to read and download useful documents in their preferred languages.

Businesses failing to comply with COVID-19 safety measures could be ticketed and subject to fines, and repeat offenders could face temporary closures. With the additional language help, the city hopes to further ensure the safety of the community.

Scarlett Liu, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Economist & Sun