Chinese group fights Calgary shark fin ban

A group representing Chinese community members in Calgary has presented a report to city council about the possible effects of a shark fin ban.

City council has passed first reading of a bylaw that would ban shark fin soup in Calgary.

The Coalition for Transparent and Accountable Governance represents 53 Chinatown-based non-profit groups and businesses.

"This proposed bylaw has caused great concern in our community," says spokesman Richard Poon.

The organization believes city council received a lot of misinformation about the issue when it gave first reading to the bylaw.

"In Toronto last month, the same kind of municipal bylaw was struck down by the courts once all the factual information was provided," he said.

Members of the coalition also met on Thursday night to discuss their challenge to the shark fin ban, and they plan to attend the city council meeting on Jan. 28 when the proposed bylaw is expected to receive second reading.

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