Chloe Bailey on the ‘push and pull’ of social media: ‘I know I shouldn't keep looking but we’re human’

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Chloe Bailey opened up about being a public figure on social media and commanding respect in a recent interview.
Chloe Bailey opened up about being a public figure on social media and commanding respect in a recent interview. (Photo: Getty Images)

Chloe Bailey is not playing when it comes to respect.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, the 23-year-old singer shared her journey to "bossing up" and demanding respect.

"I'm learning every day that I have to command respect and boss up…when I walk into a room and to just have people respect me for who I am as a woman, not what I look like, but my mental and how I speak," she said.

She added that she is now overly conscious of projecting her own negative emotions onto others, something that she views as the culprit of a lot of the disrespect she receives.

"What people give you is how they're feeling internally so a lot of times too if I'm not feeling the best I have to check myself inside like 'OK what's going on,' so I don't give that out to people."

Bailey has dealt her fair share of social media scrutiny in response to her recent videos that show the songstress's sexier side. While she has previously teared up about the hurtful comments made on her socials, she has recently tried to reduce her time on the app but admits it is a struggle.

"I have an issue because sometimes I'll read it and then I'll like see that one thing and it just kind of drives me mad, so I have to like stay away from it but of course, cause it's socials you're like, 'OK, Iwanna check in, I want to see if people like the song,'" she said, adding that she has tried to be more mindful of her time on the apps, but nothing has stuck just yet.

"It's like a push and pull kind of thing where I know I shouldn't keep looking at it but we're human ... I have the whole social media limit thing on my phone and I keep denying it and it's like it's no point."

As toxic as social media comments can be, Bailey knows that social engagement plays a significant role in an artist's success these days.

"Everything so reliant on numbers and analytics and it's cool cause without social media I wouldn't be here but sometimes it also sucks the fun out of the art."

Now the "Treat Me" singer is focusing on sticking up for herself even if it ruffles a few feathers.

"I just kind of have to speak out — because if I don't fight for myself no one else will."

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