Chloe Kim's favorite foods make Gordon Ramsay storm offstage in disgust

Olympic gold medal snowboarder Chloe Kim dropped in on The Late Late Show With James Corden where she shredded chef Gordon Ramsay's culinary palate with her gnar gnar love of nose grabbing foods.

When asked what her signature dish would be if she were a masterchef, Chloe Kim responded, "I really like oreos, so maybe an Oreo McFlurry."

Ramsay seemed aghast by such a dish. But he soon learned that Kim's palette and his were definitely not in sync.

Chloe followed up by saying, "I don't want to offend you with this one, but I love Hawaiian pizza." Upon hearing this, Ramsay stood up and walked off the stage.

Ramsay quickly returned, asking, "Please don't say with pineapple on there?" To which Kim simply replied, "It wouldn't be Hawaiian pizza without pineapple."

Kim defended having fruit as a topping by claiming some people put strawberries on pizza. Both Corden and Ramsay insisted that no one does that. Ramsay ended by saying, "Tell your mates to stop smoking."