How To Make Chocolate Ganache with Butter

Chocolate Ganache made with Butter is semi-sweet chocolate melted with butter to create a rich and shiny chocolatey topping, glaze, icing, or filling. For compete recipe instructions go to Don't forget to purchase my new book "Homestead Recipes" - you can get it here: 🔴 To see more of iambaker, check out my other social media accounts 🔘BLOG: 🔘FACEBOOK: 🔘INSTAGRAM: 🔘PINTEREST: 🔘TIKTOK: 🔘TWITTER: 🔘MERCH: 🔘SURPRISE INSIDE CAKES BOOK: 🔴Can't get enough? Check out homestead recipes where I make savory meals from our homestead! 🔘BLOG: 🔘FACEBOOK: 🔘INSTAGRAM: 🔘PINTEREST: