'Chokey' 'Bachelor in Paradise' contestant's jealousy leads to an early exit

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Jasmine Goode, whose best known for putting Nick Viall in a “chokey” on his season of The Bachelor, went off the rails again on Bachelor in Paradise. Jasmine had gone out on a date with Matt, but the two weren’t exclusively together — or so he thought. So when Christen arrived and took Matt on a date, Jasmine went into a jealous rage.

After hearing the news, Jasmine said, “Christen is a little bitch. You can’t trust people like that. Like, if we weren’t on TV right now, I probably would just, like, push her, punch her in the face a little bit.” “Chokey” tried to claim she wasn’t bothered by Christen’s date with Matt, saying, “She’s not worth choking. I’m not gonna get mad. Like, she’s wasting her time ’cause they’re not gonna have fun together.” But it wasn’t long before Jasmine was confronting Christen about the date.

Despite Jasmine’s feelings, Matt and Christen went on their date, and the entire time they were gone, Jasmine didn’t stop talking trash about Christen. “She’s a slimy snake,” Jasmine said multiple times. When the Matt and Christen got back, Jasmine immediately jumped into Matt’s arms and started kissing him. But it was all a bit much for Matt, who decided he’d had enough of Paradise. He told Jasmine he was done, and just left without saying goodbye to anyone else. And as Matt walked out of Paradise forever, he left a flood of tears in his wake. As Jasmine wiped away her tears, she said, “I don’t want to cry anymore. I’m so over crying. But it’s so hard, you know? It’s hard not to cry.”

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