Chris Allinson is Redefining Private Real Estate Lending as COO of Nest Capital (MIC)

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 11, 2020 / Chris Allinson is the co-founder and COO of the Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation. Following his passion for real estate and entrepreneurship, his smart strategies have enabled the company to win trust and respect of investors and borrowers.

Sky is the limit to success when you love your job. Such is an example of Chris Allinson - an ambitious young man who co-founded one of Canada's most trusted mortgage investment corporations and is now leading it to the new heights of success.

Chris founded Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation in 2017 with his father, Roger Allinson, and now manages a pool of residential mortgages in Ontario. The company was founded on the basic strategy to invest in a portfolio of single-family residential mortgages. It targets the market segments that have the means and ability to service a loan but are underserviced by large financial institutions. At first, it was just family investing in private mortgages, and later their friends and family members asked to join them. Today, they welcome new investors and offer them a reliable source of interest return.

Nest Capital has been providing a great return for four years of 10% annually since inception. Income is distributed monthly and many investors invest via a tax free method either in the TFSA or RSP. Nest Capital has a pool of mortgages secured by real estate lending for investors. It offers an opportunity to earn returns in their cash investment and tax-sheltered accounts. Investment with Nest Capital isn't just for accredited or high net worth investors. Nest Capital has partnered with exempt market dealers and allows for investments as low as $1000, opening private market investments to a much larger pool of people once approved.

Borrowers pay monthly, and net interest income is received by investors, giving them a hands- free passive income approach to real estate investing. Its targeted annual rate of return is 10%, and it has been paying 10% since its inception.

As COO of Nest, Chris Allinson executes all of the day-to-day operations of the business. His responsibilities include guiding prospective investors and mortgage brokers, acquiring market intelligence, and assisting the CEO with investment decisions. His skills and goodwill have earned him the respect of both borrowers and investors. Furthermore, his plan to carve out a niche of small-dollar amount second mortgages has given Nest Capital an edge over its competitors that are focused on 1st mortgages, commercial, construction, development, or GTA-only mortgages.

Just in four years, Chris has made Nest the best option for several mortgage brokers who have limited alternatives for their borrowers as well as for investors who get the highest returns due to lower management fees and expenses.

Chris plans to expand the current pool of mortgages under management of $50 million while delivering 10% annual returns with 100% investor satisfaction. His goal is to become the first and most trusted option for mortgage brokers and agents.

Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation manages a pool of carefully vetted residential mortgages in communities across Ontario and pays investors monthly. Investors can invest via registered plans as well as cash accounts. Get more information on their website:

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Chris Allinson

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