Chris Cornell's widow files to dismiss 'meritless' lawsuit brought by his ex-wife

Soundgarden rocker Chris Cornell's widow Vicky has asked a Florida court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife saying she only filed it as a "publicity stunt" and a "smear campaign."According to documents obtained by the Blast, Cornell's widow is asking the court to dismiss a new lawsuit filed by his first wife, Susan Silver, saying that there was no reason to file it in the first place.

"Vicky Cornell, the Personal Representative of the Christopher Cornell Estate, appointed by her late husband under his Will, has filed a Motion to Dismiss the inappropriate and frivolous claim filed by Susan Silver. Vicky has paid every penny of child support including all high school and college tuition, educational expenses, and health insurance. Further, Vicky Cornell has made these payments even though she may not be required to pay the expenses under Washington law. In fact, she has even over-paid the tuition by paying for the last semester of Lily's college without Lily disclosing that she had dropped out of school just a few days after the semester began." -- lawyer Michael S. Singer