Chris Cuomo Rips Into Trump's 'Fringe Righties' For Wanting To Sacrifice Seniors

Ed Mazza
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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo called out President Donald Trump and “fringe righties” for the latest talking point in conservative media over the coronavirus pandemic: sacrificing seniors for the good of the economy.

Impatient with the shutdowns and social distancing rules that have stalled the economy, Trump said Tuesday that he wants everything to reopen by Easter.

“Based on what?” Cuomo asked. “No expert backed him up on the Easter call ― not one piece of science, not one projection.”

Easter is about rebirth and renewal, Cuomo said, and reopening the country in the midst of a pandemic would be the opposite of that.

“More than 100 Americans died from coronavirus today,” Cuomo said. “More than 700 total. The virus is accelerating.”

In recent days, a growing number of conservatives, including some Cuomo dismissed as “fringe righties,” have taken up Trump’s call and even said it would be OK to end the shutdowns if it meant the nation’s elderly would be at risk. Earlier this week, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) told Fox News he was “all in” on risking death himself in exchange for “keeping the America that all America loves.”

“Hmmm,” Cuomo said. ”Kill my grandparents or my parents so that we get the economy going. Sounds pretty good!”

Cuomo dismissed the suggestion as absurd.

“We don’t put a price on people’s life,” he said. “And as a people, we should face things together because that is the only damn thing that’s ever gotten us anywhere.”

See more of his monologue below:

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