Chris Paul's son looks good in dribbling drills ... before dad drains 3-pointer in his face

Chris Paul has clearly been working on dribbling skills with his son. (AFP)

It’s no surprise that Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul has an intense dribbling regimen, one that he put on display in warmups ahead of Thursday’s matchup with the Boston Celtics despite the fact that he’s missing the game with an adducter strain.

He didn’t become one of the NBA’s all-time greats by not working on his handles.

What’s noteworthy here is Paul’s warmup partner, his son, Chris II.

That’s pretty good form from young Chris. He’s clearly been working with dad for a while. Nice work keeping his head up on that crossover drill.

He’s definitely improved from his more pint-sized days on the court with dad.

But, not to let young Chris get too cocky, CP3 made sure to show him he’s a long way from giving him a game in 1-on-1 while hammering home not to fall for the pump fake.

Keep your head up, Chris II. The real lesson here is that spending Christmas break from school with dad during his NBA travels is good work if you can get it.