Chrissy Teigen praises technology as ‘really wonderful addition’ to parenting

Chrissy Teigen thinks technology is a ‘really wonderful addition’ to parenting credit:Bang Showbiz
Chrissy Teigen thinks technology is a ‘really wonderful addition’ to parenting credit:Bang Showbiz

Chrissy Teigen thinks technology is a “really wonderful addition” to parenting.

The model and TV host, 38, opened up about her love of learning apps while discussing her family life with her ‘Ordinary People’ singer husband John Legend, 45, and their children Luna Simone, eight, Miles Theodore, six, Esti Maxine, 17 months, and Wren Alexander, 11 months.

She told People: “We do a lot of learning apps for (the kids) that we think are great.”

Chrissy said her girl Luna is learning Spanish on Duolingo, adding: “We’re finding it to be a really wonderful addition to the other things she gets to do. “And yeah, it’s technology, but it’s really wonderful for her.

“Honestly, I’m all for technology. I know a lot of people have big reactions to iPad time or TV time and things like that.

“Kids do so many different activities, especially during the school year. “They’re so busy doing activities during the week that we don’t mind them having a little downtime on the weekends.”

Chrissy added son Miles’ current interest in the online game ‘Roblox’ gives her another way for her to connect with the boy.

She said: “He just kind of discovered that world, and I find it to be really interesting because I grew up gaming.

“I still game. I still have my Nintendo Switch... I grew up being online and I grew up with a lot of games, so I don’t mind them having fun with things like that too.”

John recently opened up about his parenting approach and said he aspires to be a father like his dad Ronald Stephens.

He said in the TV series ‘Raising Fame’: “I’m a lot like him. Our personalities are very similar.

“Our disposition is very similar. We’re both very laid back, calm, able to, you know, whenever life gets hard, we’re able to figure it out, and not get too overly raw emotionally.

“And just keep a clear head and figure out what we need to do.”

Revealing how his father has helped him become a better dad, John went on: “I think he’s been a role model to me as a father because he was a single dad for a while.

“And just seeing the dedication he had to our family, seeing the creativity he had for our family, just kindness and love and just great example of integrity and character that he always set for us.

“That’s why he’s my role model. I always tell him that I want to be a dad like him.”

When asked if he had applied lessons learned from Ronald to his parenting, John said: “I find myself sounding like him a lot of times. I’m like, yes, I can tell I’m his son.”