Christian Kirk

Fearless Forecast: 997 TOTAL YDS, 81 REC, 5 TD
Projected Rank: 35

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Everybody had their Christian Kirk jokes this offseason. Everybody laughed at the contract, yada, yada, yada. Well, throw all that out. Throw all that noise out at this point. I don't care what the Jaguars paid Christian Kirk. I do care that they prioritized him. I cared that they paid him. And I think Christian Kirk, even if he was overpaid, whatever, he's still a pretty good player he had a really nice year with Arizona last year, finally moving into his natural slot receiver position. And I think that Christian Kirk fits so well in this Jaguars offense as the vertical slot receiver.

We've seen Doug Pederson run really fast-paced offenses. We've seen him throw the ball a lot. We've seen him make use of a vertical slot receiver in Nelson Agholor during their Super Bowl year run. I think Christian Kirk fits into that role. And, frankly, because of the contract, he's a guy that everybody is clowning on right now. If Trevor Lawrence takes the anticipated step up, if Doug Pederson is a real actual adult at the coaching position, not Urban Meyer, actually lifts this offense up a little bit. I think Christian Kirk is going to be way, way out producing his ADP this year. I want to make sure I'm ahead of consensus on Christian Kirk this year. Right now I've got him at just under 1,000 yards and I've got him at wide receiver 35, a player that I really want you to draft this year.

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