Christie Brinkley, 69, Shows Off Gray Hair in New Instagram Photos and Fans Are Conflicted

Christie Brinkley, 69, Shows Off Gray Hair in New Instagram Photos and Fans Are Conflicted
  • Christie Brinkley contemplated going gray in a new beachy Instagram.

  • Fans’ opinions were split, some encouraging her to take the plunge and others rooting for her staple blonde to stay.

  • “The verdict is still out!” she wrote.

Christie Brinkley’s platinum blonde tresses have been a staple in her signature look for decades. But at 69, the former supermodel — who is all about aging gracefully — is considering letting her silver strands shine. In a new Instagram photo, Brinkley showed off salt-and-pepper roots and contemplated going gray completely.

In the photos, Brinkley posed on the beach wearing cuffed jeans, boots, and a pea coat, a storm appearing to roll in behind her. “Grey sky! Gray hair! The second you see gray hair it raises the question, just like when you cut keep or not to keep?” she wrote under a few photos, one that shared a close-up of her roots. “Thank goodness both are just a personal preference or a fun change of pace.”

She continued, adding that her son “thinks it looks cool,” but she personally prefers the “silver whitecap” look over the grayish wave itself, which may prompt her to wait until her hair lightens even more to take the plunge. “The verdict is still out!” she wrote. “Happy Sunday! 🌊🌊”

The post garnered quite a response from Brinkley’s followers, who had mixed opinions about her hair’s future. “Beautiful gray with that golden tan! ☀️,” one person commented. “You’re gorgeous regardless, but I think you should remain a California blonde! ❤️,” another added. “Nothing wrong with silver/gray/white hair. It’s all about how you own the beauty of it 😍,” someone else wrote.

Brinkley has long touted the belief that everyone has the right to choose how they age, especially given the health and beauty advances of today’s world. In her opinion, it’s all about what makes the individual happy.

“We’ve learned so much about how our bodies and minds work …and ways to extend our wellbeing and energy,” she captioned her recent 69th birthday post. “Plus we have a full menu of choices and ways to look as good as we feel! From makeup and wardrobe to dermatology!”

She continued: “Those days of hiding our age are over! I’m 69 and I feel GRATEFUL!”

No matter how Brinkley decides to wear her hair, there’s no denying her timeless glow, which is enhanced by her tried-and-true beauty products. Shop her favorites below, and meanwhile, we’ll keep our eyes on her Instagram for any mane updates!

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