Christmas Gifts Under $100 For Your Chosen Family

So, you don’t have the greatest relationship with your relatives, and rather than head “home” for the holidays, you’re spending it with your chosen family.

These are the people who have your back; who you’d do anything for; who deserve everything and more. And if you have a bit of extra cash money floating around, you want to spend it on them.

We’ve got you. Below are some ideas for Christmas gifts under $100 for the people who you love fiercely. 

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Holiday Pusheen

Fans of Pusheen can't own just one Pusheen. They have to own ALL THE PUSHEENS. This adorable hot chocolate Pusheen is the cutest and your friend will love him/her. Get it for $38 at Queenie's Cards.

Handmade Pig Pillow

The cutest pillow we ever did see! Get it for $24 on Etsy.

Royal Wedding Pillbox

Is your friend obsessed with Meghan Markle? Do they keep all the commemorative People magazine issues of the royal wedding? Then this Duke and Duchess of Sussex Royal Wedding Pillbox is definitely for them. Get it for $17 (on sale) at the Royal Collection Shop.

Therapeutic Waters

Give your friend the gift of relaxation with a gift card to a spa that has therapeutic waters. You'll want to buy one for yourself, too. Get it for $68 at Body Blitz.

Recipe Cards

If you have a friend who loves cooking, these cute recipe cards will definitely be used — hopefully on you! Get it for $20 at Gotamago.

Zodiac Sign Bowl

This pottery ring dish is the perfect personalized gift and it comes in all 12 zodiac signs. Get it for $17 on Etsy.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

TBH, essential oils aren't our jam but this stone diffuser is gorgeous, and if it makes our friends' homes smell delicious, then who are we to argue? Get it for $89.25 at Indigo.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Board Game

Defend Hogwarts! Defend your House! Get outta here, Voldemort! Play with your friends, not against them, in the greatest (board game) battle of your life. Get it for $50 at Curiosa.

"You Got This" Socks

Yes, yes you do. And so do your friends. Get it for $15 at Lost + Found.

Embroidery Sampler Club

If your bestie is a crafter, they may or may not be an embroidery nerd. Either way, they will love this quarterly sample subscription, which even total newbies can do. Get a one-year subscription in Canada for $60 from Kiriki Press.

"Fleabag" Mug

If your friend hasn't watched "Fleabag" are you even friends? This mug, featuring one of season 2's most brilliant and hilarious lines, is a must-have for fans. (We bought one for ourselves.) Get it for $20 on Etsy.

'Dear Girls' by Ali Wong

Will Ali teach your friend how to "trap his ass"? We can only hope. Get it for $25 at Indigo.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Facial Gua Sha Tool

For the friend who's obsessed with beauty and is willing to try any product to sculpt their face. Get it for $65 at 6BabeBeauty.

Knit Scarf Kit

Everyone at some point has thought about making a scarf, right? Well, if your friend is brave enough to try, this knitting kit from Wool and the Gang might convert them. Get it for $85 at Indigo.

Calm Club Big Night In

For the friend who would rather chill out at home than go out to all those holiday parties. Get it for $54.50 at Indigo.


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