Christmas messages on Saskatoon buses bounced back to city council

The question of whether Saskatoon city buses should display a Merry Christmas message was discussed at the city's race relations committee Thursday.

The messages, shown on the electronic displays of transit buses, were featured last December and some citizens said the greeting discriminates against non-Christian faiths.

Ashu Solo said he thinks the messages should not appear on public buses.

"A Christmas message violates the freedom from religion that is inherent to freedom of religion," he said. "It violates the multiculturalism and further violates religious equality guaranteed by the charter."

James Ford was also at the meeting, which was open to the public.

"If the city needs one more argument in favour of removing this ridiculous message, it's that it is a slap in the face for people who are just not feeling the merry in Christmas," Ford said.

The race relations committee was expected to make a recommendation on what to do about the messages.

However, after hearing arguments on both sides of the issue, the committee could not decide on a recommendation.

As a result, the topic will be sent back to another committee of city council, the executive committee, which is made up of elected council members.

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