'It's a Christmas miracle': Rescued cat gives new meaning to holidays for Regina man

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Kevin the cat got his name after being left alone just like Kevin McCallister.

He wasn't left alone at home like the fictional eight-year-old, but left abandoned in freezing temperatures on a grid road outside of the city.

He was found huddled in the corner of a crate underneath a pile of snow with some dog kibble to eat. He was brought to the Regina Humane Society where they helped him recover from severe frostbite.

Staff with the organization nursed him back to health after a portion of his tail and ears were removed, and groomed out his matted fur.

The Regina Humane Society posted Kevin's story on social media asking for donations to help in Kevin's recovery.

Submitted by Mason Gardiner
Submitted by Mason Gardiner

That's when Mason Gardiner saw him.

"I've been looking for a cat for about a year now and it just seemed like there wasn't the right fit for me. And the moment I saw him, even without reading his story, I just felt like that's my cat," said Gardiner.

Gardiner was moved to help Kevin and followed his journey until he was up for adoption.

He was able to adopt the cat just in time for the holidays and said it has been life changing.

"It's a Christmas miracle," said Gardiner.

Regina Humane Society/Facebook
Regina Humane Society/Facebook

Six years ago, Gardiner's dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer two days before Christmas Eve.

"Ever since then, it's been a pretty triggering time for me. We ended up losing him just 34 days after that. So it's been a sad time for me for the past couple of years," said Gardiner.

He said Kevin arrived in his life just as the weight of the anniversary of his dad's death, seasonal depression and the impact of the COVID-19 were feeling insurmountable.

"He is a rescued cat but he's also rescued me for sure," said Gardiner.

Gardiner said staff lined up to say goodbye to Kevin as he left the Regina Humane Society.

"I've seen just how life changing the services they provide. Not just life saving, but life changing," said Gardiner.

"They truly care about what they do. And I was so touched by how much they truly care about their the work they do as well as the pets that they're saving."

Once Kevin arrived at Gardiner's home, he wanted to cuddle immediately.

Gardiner said Kevin never lives his side, constantly wanting to cuddle and purring 24/7. He said Kevin follows him around the house, meowing until he receives pets.

"It's just the perfect match and I'm just so lucky."