Churchbridge Council Discuss By-Election

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With temperatures reaching -28 outside, the Churchbridge Town Council was called to order by Mayor Johnston who gave the floor to Abbygail Siwy, a grade 4 student who attends the Churchbridge Public School student to warm the evening up with her presentation to the council about her Inclusive Playground Request.

Abby Siwy is looking to have “disabilities accessible” play structures for disabled kids in town to be located in the northeast part of Churchbridge at the end of Park St.

Mayor Johnston acknowledged the CPS student by stating she may be one of the youngest delegates that the Town of Churchbridge has had present at a council meeting.

Moving on, the council reviewed the agenda prior to Councillor R. Thies making a motion to accept the agenda; motion carried.

Next, the council reviewed the minutes of the regular meeting held January 11, 2021, before Councillor N. Thies made a motion to accept the minutes; the motion carried.


Councillor Antosh-Cusitar gave a report on the updates happening at the hall.

Mayor Johnston reported he attended the Churchbridge recreation committee. He was impressed with the local recreation facilities for their hard diligent work to keep the community safe by doing the COVID-19 cleaning as well as they did.

Administrator Renea Paridaen gave her report beginning with an update on the RO project and how it is progressing. The drainage update, a meeting with the Department of Highways was cancelled by the department, but she was able to email them. There are some issues with the town's snow removal machine as it goes through blades a lot if the streets are to be cleared down to the pavement. The Town of Churchbridge Foreman has requested a salt/sand mix for the streets at a cost of $95 per yard and 20 yards. There was a leak into the town office into council chambers; the administration will get in touch with the contractor who repairs the roof.

Councillor N. Thies made a motion to accept the reports; motion carried.


The council discussed advertising for the by-elections. Mayor Johnston made a motion which was carried.

A policy update was next to be discussed. There were a few changes proposed by Mayor Johnston and the council reviewed the changes before Councillor N. Thies made a resolution to accept the policy updates as reviewed; motion carried.


The council reviewed the correspondence received by the town including a letter from the Churchbridge Public School requesting a $40 donation for the yearbook. Councillor N. Thies made a motion to donate $100 to the CPS Yearbook; motion carried.

A letter about the 2021 Canada Census was reviewed. The census is important to the town as it is dictates how the town receives grants based on the population.

An RCMP update was next to be read to update the council as to the staffing structure in the detachment.

Councillor R. Thies made a motion to file the correspondence; motion carried.


The List of Accounts for Approval was next to be reviewed. Councillor Vaughan made a motion to pay the town’s bills; motion carried.

The December Financial Statement & Bank Reconciliation was reviewed and discussed by the council before Councillor N. Thies made a motion to accept the statement and reconciliation report; motion carried.


The Churchbridge Council discussed the Board of Revision Appointments. Councillor R. Thies made a motion to appraise the Appointments to the Board of Revision; motion carried.

Councillor R. Thies made a motion to go in-camera; motion carried.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal