Churchbridge Holds Public Meeting- no one attends

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The town of Churchbridge held a public meeting for the Zoning Bylaw change at 6:30 Monday, October 19, 2020, no public showed up to voice any concerns. At 7:00 PM Mayor Galant called the regularly scheduled Town meeting to order as the council reviewed the Agenda, Councilor Larson made the Motion to accept the Amended Agenda, Carried Next, the Council reviewed the minutes of the last regular meeting of September 28, 2020, Councilor Craig made the Motion to accept the Munites as reviewed, Carried.REPORTSCarrying on the council heard Foreman ​Poppenheim’s​ report on the town maintenance staff have been doing over the last 2 weeks, walking path first and second phase is done summer equipment has been stored for the winter, the bike will be moved when the base for it has been brought in, winterization of the town facilities is well on the way Hydrant flushing will be started October 20. Commissionaires report was read by Councilor Soltys, 175 headstones lifted and levelled at the Cemetery. Rink Ice will be ready by Wednesday there will be a FB Auction, the heat exchange unit for the compressor will be replaced, there will be Mandatory Mask for the Arena, The Administrator Report was given by Administrator Pearadine, speeders down Vincent has been noticed and was suggested the council look into speed bumps or speed sign, the town will research the Canadian Standards for composting, there was a discussion concerning the shingles at the transfer site, Councillor Thies made the Motion to accept the Reports, Carried. OLD BUSINESS Next, The Council discussed the EI Premium Reduction Program, the council decided to leave their EI premiums as is. Canada Restart Funds Reimbursements was discussed, it was discussed the “Cut off” for funding local clubs funding is for above and beyond average cost due to COVID-19. Election 2020 Date, Advanced has to be November 5, Councilor Craig made the motion to change the date, Carried. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 2020-010 received 2nd and 3rd reading and was Carried. Deader Subdivision Proposed Plan was discussed, it was suggested to contact the individuals interested in purchasing lots about lot sizes wanted. CORRESPONDENCE Carrying on the council reviewed the Correspondence received by the town starting with a letter from Legacy Co-op requesting angle parking to the north of the Grocery store, it was Resolved with a Motion by Councilor Larson made the Resolution to allow Legacy Co-op to allow angled parking in front of the Co-op grocery store, Carried. Blue lights SUMA, a Resolution was made by Mayor Galant to lobby SGI to allow Blue lights on emergency vehicles when “ ON SCENE “ only. A resident requested a “sign out key “ for the transfer site when it is closed, it was decided not to change the town’s policy on the transfer site. Sgt Stringfellow’s report was next to be reviewed by the council. Parkland Library has provided the town with an update, the Director was relieved of their duties as of September 30, 2020. Council Prior made the motion to accept the Correspondence, Carried.

ACCOUNTS Accounts for approval were reviewed by the council, Councillor Craig made Motion, Carried. September Financial Statement and Bank Reconciliation was reviewed, Councillor Prior Made the Motion to accept the Financial and Bank Reconciliation, CarriedNEW BUSINESS Water Treatment Plant Loan, the are 3 different options for this loan, it was Resolved to use Option #2 Motion by Mayor Galant, Carried. The Municipality Act Amendments was next discussed, Administrator has “Hire/Fire” ability of town staff, will be tabled for the next council, the other Municipality Act Amendments were accepted with a Motion by Councilor Larson, Carried. 2020 Budget Modification was next discussed, council reviewed the modifications, Councilor Theis made the Motion to accept the Modified Budget Larson made Motion, Carried, with any surplus to be put in “unspecified Reserve”, Carried. Town Foreman ​Poppenheim​ has requested holidays, Councilor Larson Motion to accept the town foremen holiday request, Carried. Public Works resignation was revised, Sara Hunt resigned as of November 25, 2020, Councilor Prior made the Motion to accepted resignation, Carried Councillor Theis made a Motion to advertise to hire a new Employee Carried. There is a concern about a fence on Prothero Ave. from the back alley further research will be done by the Administrator. Years of Service Plaques were handed out to 4 councillors who will not be on the council next term. Mayor Galant adjourned the meeting.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal