Churchbridge Housing Authority Information

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Together the Churchbridge Housing Authority and the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation offer affordable housing in Churchbridge.

The intent of the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) is to provide a range of programs and services to help Saskatchewan people in the greatest housing need. SHC also manages the financial contributions from the provincial, federal, and municipal levels of government and plays a lead role in the development of housing policies on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan.

The Churchbridge Housing Authority offers 45 rental units in the town of Churchbridge consisting of the Heritage Manor for seniors, senior semi-detached units, affordable housing and rural houses.

Heritage Manor is a housing complex with both indoor and outdoor access to each of the 12 units, as well as a common area in the main lobby area. It also has a recreation director to assist the residents of many programs or activities in the common area.

Rent at the Heritage Manor is based on 30% of the gross household income with a minimum of $326/month to a maximum of $730/month for a 1 bedroom and $895/month for a 2 bedroom, there are 8 different 1 bedroom units and 4 different 2 bedroom units that include all utilities, except for power.

There are 12 senior semi-detached units around the town and all are 1 bedroom units that were built in the 1960s. Rent for the semi-detached units is the same as for the Heritage Manor.

Affordable housing includes duplexes. There are 14 different 3 bedroom units located on Lovell St. and Lopston St., as well as 4 different 2 bedroom units on Cottonwood Crescent. Rent is set by the SHC and tenants are responsible for all utilities and yard maintenance; There are 3 rural housing units available, and there are 3 different bedroom houses on Prothero Avenue and Westview Crescent with rent being 30% of the gross household income with a minimum of $326/month to a maximum of $840/month. A fridge and stove are provided with a washer/dryer available for an additional $15/month; yard upkeep and utilities are the tenants’ responsibility as well.

If anyone is interested they should contact the Churchbridge Housing Authority for further information.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal