CiB Hosts Heritage Homes Tour

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Kenyon Stronski Local Journalism Initiative Reporter Taber has a long history that dates back to the early 1900’s, back when most people were homesteading and the first public mine opening in 1903. You probably know Communities in Bloom for the lovely plants they care for and maintain within downtown Taber, but since 2017 they have also been highlighting heritage homes within Taber. Come July 10 they will have their fourth annual ‘Heritage Homes Garden Tour’, where for $15 you get a pamphlet with information and addresses of these Taber homes. Starting at 11am and going until 4pm, the tour is self-guided so you’re able to go at your own pace and experience these homes at your leisure. Included within your $15 purchase is also a lunch that you can receive at Luigis that also includes a beverage and desert. These tickets are honoured until 6pm that night. “All of the homes are lovely and beautiful, the homeowners really do a fantastic job at making their yards look immaculate.” Said Geri Reti, mentioning that one of the homes still has its original caraganas from over 100 years ago, while another still boasts its original stained glass windows. “It’s just really an honour to be able to to show and tour these houses.” At the moment there are eight houses on the tour, but Reti hopes that in the future more owners will want to show off their yards and expand the program further. As it stands, the oldest house on the tour was built in either 1904 or 1906. “The property records have it listed as being 1906,” began Reti. “But the homeowner was told 1904, and the man who built it arrived at Taber in 1904, so we’re just not sure.” Reti also noted that these homes do play a role in preserving the history of Taber. “Hopefully the people who own these Heritage Homes will continue to maintain them and keep beautifying their yards. They really are a treasure.” If you would like to join this yearly endeavour, tickets are available at Pharmasave, Home Hardware, Luigis, Johnsons and Nona in Vauxhall.

Kenyon Stronski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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