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Here's the secret to getting Cindy Crawford's full, bouncy hair — no matter your age

Cindy Crawford hair
This photo of the supermodel at the 1997 Kid's Choice Awards was peak Cindy Crawford hair. (Photo: Getty)

The year was 1992, and a young Cindy Crawford — in Daisy Dukes — was leaning against a soda machine, can in hand and hair so high it could touch the heavens. That iconic Pepsi commercial is etched in our collective pop-culture consciousness — and boy, what we'd do for a big, wavy, voluminous blowout like the one Cindy Crawford made her signature look three decades ago.

Behind the scenes, it was actually her trusted hair stylist Richard Marin who created that bouncy dream 'do. And it wasn't the only '90s-era hair he finessed; this stylist to the stars also worked his magic on the cast of 'Friends,' among others. These days, Marin has become an expert in aging hair — specifically, how to counteract the effects of aging and restore volume and vivaciousness to dull, thinning, brittle hair.

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And what better time to share that knowledge than now, when Crawford's coveted '90s blowout has become a viral TikTok trend? No one could be less surprised about the resurgence of 'Cindy Crawford's hair' than Marin himself.

"I mean, Cindy Crawford's hair is pretty iconic, don’t you think?" he said in an interview with Yahoo Life. "In general, the '90s were a pretty great time — for the world, for supermodels, for photography and fashion, for glam looks, and Cindy really was and is the epitome of all that. And the glam blowout really never goes away!"

Well, in that case, we asked the L.A.-based — and world-renowned — stylist to illuminate us: As we age and our hair thins or gets more brittle, how do we get some of the volume she rocked back in the day?

Marin offered these six steps — plus, he shared the very advice he gives to his own A-list clients (including Crawford!) who turn to him seeking tips to achieve youthful manes.

1. Use nourishing cleansing products to keep your hair healthy

"If you have thinning hair, you want your hair to look healthy, full, and full of life, like it does when you are young," said Marin. He recommends choosing your haircare products wisely because the condition of your hair will determine how lush your blowout looks. "Use a really good shampoo that helps strengthen hair, so it won’t break."

Crawford, now 57, has taken her mentor's advice to heart and created the mane-revitalizing Meaningful Beauty Age-Proof Hair Care System. It includes Meaningful Beauty Strengthening Shampoo and Smooth and Shiny Conditioner, a power duo that cleanses and hydrates hair that's gotten brittle over time. You can buy them separately or as part of this all-in-one system.

Cindy Crawford's age-defying Meaningful Beauty uses key ingredients that keep your hair strong and resilient, like keratin and peptides to rebuild the bonds and amaranth extract for shine — all plant-based. The restorative scalp treatment uses another age-defying secret weapon: stem cell technology.
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2. Prep your hair for the heat

Marin also suggests a generous spritzing of heat-protection spray on clean hair — because fried tresses look anything but youthful and bouncy. Of course, Cindy's own system has the perfect product: Meaningful Beauty Styling & Protecting Spray, which is included in the Meaningful Beauty Hair Care System above, but also sold separately on Amazon.

"This 4-in-1 mist smooths, conditions and will protect hair from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and reduce frizz by 80% for up to 72 hours," notes Marin.

This lightweight spray uses panthenol and olive oil as its key ingredients to infuse your hair with hydration and let it shine! It also softens your hair and makes it more manageable. Most importantly it creates a protective barrier against the heat of your hair dryer. You can even use it sparingly on dry hair for its frizz-fighting capabilities.
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3. Pump up the volume with a restorative scalp treatment

No surprise here: The visible health of your hair starts at your scalp, so focus on the foundation. Meaningful Beauty Restorative Scalp Treatment "will give hair an instant lift while hydrating and nourishing the scalp," notes Marin. "The Restorative Scalp Treatment contains Procapil to reduce hair shedding." Be sure to spray it directly at the root.

The scalp treatment replenishes the amino acids lost in your hair as it ages. Its main job, though, is to add volume right at the roots to combat limpness. And this formulation works on all hair types.
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4. Load up your hair with some '90s-style jumbo Velcro rollers

The last step of your prep? Roll it up! "I love the Velcro rollers from the '90s. That was a huge thing then and I still use them now. Cindy loves them too," Marin told Yahoo Life, revealing that those retro rollers are what truly gave Crawford's hair so much volume.

And while the supermodel herself doesn't (yet) manufacturer those fun hair accessories, another '90s icon — Conair — does. Their jumbo Velcro rollers are a top-rated product on Amazon.

No pins are necessary with these self-gripping Velcro rollers by Conair. The nine-pack of jumbo rollers — the perfect amount for a full head of big, bouncy, voluminous waves— come in a handy storage bag. Wrap your damp hair in these hot pink curlers before heat styling; Marin recommends to target the bang and crown area.
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5. Blow dry at the roots.

Now it's time to break out the heat! Marin recommends a blow dryer that uses both hot and cold air. "I blow dry hair in sections, making sure to dry each section in the opposite direction of the way the hair grows," he told Yahoo Life.

"Then I then take each section and wrap it around my fingers so it turns into a curl" — fingers in lieu of Velcro rollers, Marin advises. "Clip it and let it dry to room temperature. Or give it a shot of cooler air with the dryer. When you take the clips out, you have all these soft voluminous curls that can be smoothed with a brush. This is the classic Cindy Crawford style from the "90s."

Marin works with the Thermaluxe line of hair dryers by Remington. This model uses ionic technology to reduce frizz and damage to the hair cuticle and dries your hair 50% faster. It's lightweight and lasts three times longer than previous models, so it's a great investment.
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6. Lock in the look.

Finally, "spritz your locks with hairspray, brush out the hair and flip it back and into place," notes Marin.

Last but not least, cover up grey roots

A bit of grey won't prevent your hair from looking full, but obvious roots can emphasis your age. Of course, Meaningful Beauty offers an easy, brush-on root coverup that will instantly even out your shade.

It looks like blush, but it it's actually an ingenius instant root concealer. Use it between home coloring or salon visits to maintain even color. Available in six shades.
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Healthy Hair Dos and Don'ts from a Stylist to the Stars

Now that you have your retro '90s Cindy hair on lock, take away some more pro tis from Marin on how to have voluminous hair at 40, 50 and beyond.


  • Make sure to dry each section in the opposite direction of the way the hair grows

  • Use conditioner. "I find that people with fine, thin hair tend to stay away from anything “conditioning” because they feel their hair will go greasy or flat," says Marin. However, conditioner actually makes your hair softer, bouncier and easier to style.

  • Use a great quality brush, preferably one with natural boar bristles designed for thinning hair


  • Over-wash

  • Over-color

  • Subject hair to too much heat too often

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