Cinnamon Apple Sauce Recipe

Cinnamon Apple Sauce is a great side dish for Potato Pancakes, Pfannkuchen or on it's own, just to name a few. Cinnamon Apple Sauce Ingredients: 3 lbs Granny Apples, 4 tbsp Brown Sugar, 1/2 tsp Pink Salt, 1/4 tsp Nutmeg, 1-1/2 tsp Cinnamon, 1 Lemon, Place 1/4 Lemon squeezed in bowl with cold Water. Peel, core & dice the Apples, keep diced Apples in Lemon Water until needed, to avoid oxidation. Reserve 1 tbsp Lemon Water. After all the Apples are diced, drain the Water. In med Pot combine the Apples with Brown Sugar, Salt, Nutmeg. Cinnamon, Lemon Water and Lemon Juice. Cover pot and bring to a boil, simmer for 8-10 Minutes, stirring frequently. Remove the lid and continue cooking until the liquid is reduced and the Apples are soft. Remove from heat, mash Apples to your liking, set aside to cool. Once cooled, serve in a dish or fill a jar for storage. Enjoy!