Citroen My Ami Buggy goes into limited production

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Back in December, Citroen turned its tiny, low-speed electric Ami into a chunky little beach cruiser called the My Ami Buggy. It had fat tires and a bunch of off-road accessories that were probably more form than function, but it was a fun and funky little thing. Apparently a lot of people agreed and Citroen has made the decision to actually bring the My Ami Buggy to reality, though in extremely limited numbers.

Like the concept, the My Ami Buggy features unique khaki-tinted plastic body panels. It also picks up a variety of exterior panels from higher trim Pop and Vibe variants, such as the bumpers, wheel arches, rear spoiler and such. There are also other concept-inspired touches such as the lime-yellow accents and arrows and contrasting black roof.

Some things did change in the shift to production. Instead of no doors, the production model gets tube doors, like you'd find on many modded Jeep Wranglers. The extra fat tires and tiny wheels give way to more practical larger wheels and conventional tires. The wheels look great, though, in their khaki gold color and black center caps. There isn't a roof rack or auxiliary lights anymore, but the trade-off is that the My Ami Buggy gets a canvas roll-back roof for even greater open-air enjoyment.

The inside of the My Ami Buggy features black fabric upholstery along with lime-yellow stitching and other accents, plus a few interior storage options. The floor mats continue the color scheme. And like all special editions, this car will get special badges and plates, one of which has possibly the best phrasing ever: "My Ami Buggy ULTRA SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION."

Only 50 of the buggies will be built, and all of them will be sold in France. Pricing hasn't been set, but this is one ultra-limited edition car that will probably be affordable. After all, the base Ami starts at less than $10,000. If you happen to live in France and want to get one, they go on sale online on July 21 with deliveries starting on August 8.

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