City to freeze TTC fares in 2021 due to pandemic: Tory

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Mayor John Tory said Thursday the city will freeze TTC fares in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a new conference on Thursday, Tory called the move "the right and responsible thing to do."

"We're keeping the TTC affordable for residents who need it by freezing fares ... it is one more way in which we can help the residents of the City of Toronto get through this crisis," he said.

The decision will still need city council approval.

During the first lockdown, the TTC saw its ridership decline by as much as 85 per cent, resulting in a shortfall of $21 million a week throughout the spring.

Since then, riders and TTC employees have complained about overcrowding on some routes, making it impossible to physically distance.

The TTC and Wheel-Trans combined 2021 budget was released on Thursday, totalling $2.153 billion. The commission anticipates $567 million of that to be covered by revenues.