City of Regina ponders new local improvement program

City of Regina ponders new local improvement program

The City of Regina is looking at a new program where neighbours can share the costs of things they don't have right now — like street lights or paved alleys.

The yet-to-be-approved plan is called local improvements and it would apply to new infrastructure only — not replacements. 

That means people who've never had a sidewalk on their street might finally get one.

All they would have to do is get a petition going with their neighbours and take it to the city.

According to the city administration, there's a variety of projects that might be covered by the proposed program:

- Paving a gravel street or alley.

- Adding street lighting.

- Extending water and sewer services.

- Installing sidewalks/asphalt trails where none previously existed.

- Park benches.

- Garbage cans.

- Noise attenuation.

The proposal was on the agenda Thursday at the city's public works and infrastructure committee.

The details haven't been worked out yet. The city will need to decide how to split the costs as well as determine what level of support from neighbours will be required to go ahead with a particular project. 

The previous local improvement program, which asked residents to share the cost of new sidewalks or curbs with the city, was placed under review after a number of projects received petitions against them going forward.

The new plan will have to go to city council for a final decision.