City of Regina wants input on revitalization of 'grand avenue' Sask. Drive

The City of Regina is asking for the public's input on a project that would revitalize Saskatchewan Drive between McTavish Street and Winnipeg Street.

The Sask. Drive corridor project is part of the Regina downtown neighbourhood plan that was developed about a decade ago, and will provide direction on what types of infrastructure the city should build along the street.

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Shanie Leugner, the manager of infrastructure engineering for the City of Regina, said the project recently came to light as there is an old waterline along the street that needs to be rehabilitated.

She said the neighbourhood plan considers Sask. Drive to be a "grand avenue".

"The neighbourhood plan calls for grand avenues to consider things like broader sidewalks, extra landscaping, street trees, more prominent intersections, maybe some special lighting, things like that." Leugner said. "For Saskatchewan Drive, we're looking at what would make sense on that corridor."

Leugner said the plan is based on the premise that people should be able to walk to where they work and around the downtown area.

City of Regina

"We want to nourish and encourage that type of behaviour," Leugner said. "We also want to encourage ways of getting around outside of the private automobile."

She said they are currently working on ideas and expect to introduce three concepts to the public in June.

"We'll go through a narrowing down process based on feedback," Leugner said. "We expect to take a plan to council for consideration in 2021, following that we expect there will be a couple years of design work before we would begin any type of construction."

Regina residents can give their input on the project on the City of Regina website before January 18.

Kirk Fraser/CBC