City of Victoria dismantles showers for homeless campers at Beacon Hill Park

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They were up and running for three days, and now they're gone.

Around 30 police and city bylaw officers moved into Victoria's Beacon Hill Park Friday morning to dismantle two unauthorized showers that were constructed by a grassroots community group earlier this month for homeless residents.

Officers also removed a large cistern and two tent structures that were all being used by the campers.

City spokesperson Bill Eisenhauer said "[the city] understands the desire of individuals to want to assist people sheltering in the park. However, we cannot allow structures without permits ... especially ones that are using gas generators that pose fire risks, that have health and safety risks and are damaging the environment."

Eisenhauer added that the city moved the structures into storage, where they're available for their owners to claim.

A month to fundraise and install showers

Craig Turney, who helped build the showers, said it took homeless advocates nearly a month to fundraise, construct and install them.

He said that when the city turned off the park's hand washing stations they'd hoped to use as a water source, the group instead obtained an 800-gallon cistern, a solar panel and a pump to power the showers on their own.

Turney said the group didn't want to wait for a permit to install them, even though the city had offered money from its $100,000 grant program created to help community groups provide mobile hygiene and other social services to the needy during COVID-19.

So a decision was made to install the temporary showers immediately, he said.

'A shameful act' says city councillor

Even though city staff directed their removal, Coun. Sarah Potts condemned the move as a "shameful act" on social media, adding she's been "in active conversations" with homeless advocates on "solutions."

Shae Perkins/Facebook
Shae Perkins/Facebook

Shae Perkins, who's been living in the park and helping operate the showers, said he was shocked when officers also removed the two tents full of community donations and personal belongings, without letting anyone collect their things first.

"They arrived at eight in the morning and started setting up police tape and dismantling everything," said Perkins. "They refused to speak to anyone the entire time."

1 person arrested

Victoria police Const. Cam MacIntyre said officers arrived to "keep the peace" and said a woman was arrested for "assaulting an officer." She was then taken to the police station before being released.

"An investigation is ongoing," said MacIntyre.

Perkins said after the community's hard work installing the tents and showers, it's "completely devastating" to see it all gone.

"It's a tragedy that the city would rather uphold colonial bylaws than allow the community to care for each other," he added.

The city said that it's committed to supporting homeless persons and is working closely with B.C. Housing, community groups and the provincial government to house the city's nearly 200 homeless people as quickly as possible.

Eisenhauer noted that the city has given additional support to Our Place Society to expand shower facilities for homeless people in the city 13 hours a day, seven days per week.