Clare's Jeux de l'Acadie cancelled due to work-to-rule

Clare's Jeux de l'Acadie cancelled due to work-to-rule

The long weekend in May won't be the same in Clare after organizers decided to cancel the Jeux de l'Acadie regionals because of work-to-rule.

About 80 per cent of of the volunteers for the games are teachers.

"With the contract being imposed on teachers and some teachers choosing not to volunteer with activities outside of what's in their contract, we just haven't had time to put together regional games at the level that they were offered in the past," said executive director Jillian Comeau.

The general sporting event brings hundreds of students to the small Nova Scotia community each year to see if they can qualify for the finals held in New Brunswick.

Individual tournaments

Although work-to-rule has ended and teachers are free to volunteer for extra duties again, too much time has passed to organize "the same quality of games we offer every year," said Comeau.

This year would have marked the 34th year for the regional games hosted in Nova Scotia.

Instead of having the large games in Clare, Comeau hopes each of the 11 individual delegations will commit to hosting their own sports tournaments so teams can still be made up and have a chance to move on to New Brunswick.

May long weekends not the same

Although Comeau said people been supportive and understanding about the event being cancelled, she said it's a big loss for the community this year.

"We were hoping that work-to-rule wasn't going to affect the games but this is the outcome we have been dealt and we're just going to do our best to persevere," she said.

"Families, the athletes, all the participants ... their May long weekends are not the May long weekends without the games."

A track and field event scheduled for May 13, the Saturday before the main event in Clare was supposed to happen, is still expected to take place.