Clayton Kershaw loves fireworks, left postgame news conference early to watch them

Tuesday was a big day for Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. Not because he threw seven innings of two-hit ball, notching 11 strikeouts and flirting with a no-hitter through six innings. (Though that was really amazing.) But because it was July 4, and July 4 means fireworks.

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Yes, Clayton Kershaw, that tall, fearsome pitcher, apparently loves fireworks. And how do we know? He bolted from the Dodgers postgame news conference to catch them.

That’s seriously adorable. He was talking about how special July Fourth is, and he either realized that fireworks were going to happen, or he heard them start outside. He got up so fast that he left his chair spinning. If this was a cartoon, there’d be a little puff of smoke where he used to be, and probably a Clayton Kershaw shaped hole in the door he went through to leave.

This is the ultimate “baseball players are just like us” moment. Kershaw flirted with a no-hitter and turned in a sparkling pitching performance, but he didn’t want to talk about that because FIREWORKS!

Was Clayton Kershaw thinking about fireworks while he was delivering an amazing start on July 4? We may never know. (AP Photo)

The next time someone questions the awesomeness of fireworks, you now have the best comeback. “Clayton Kershaw loves fireworks, and he’s won three Cy Young awards, an MVP award and he’s thrown a no-hitter. So why don’t you love fireworks?”

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