Climate change crusader Al Gore praises Ontario's cap and trade system during Toronto visit

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    Virgil Caine
    Did he arrive in Toronto on his bicycle, or his private jet?...And how much did THIS cost Ontario taxpayers? Exactly?....."taking action" and 'paying taxes' are TWO different things......Sunni Ways!
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    Take note Al Gore. The city of Toronto produces more pollution than the entire province of Saskatchewan
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    This likely cost the Ontario taxpayers $175k (US) for a Liberal rally.
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    The Codfather
    love his private jet .. it's nothing like what we taxpayers all own.
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    Al Gore is not a climate expert. He is simply a movie maker with an agenda. An agenda to make as much money for himself as possible. Climate change is big Business !
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    Yes, Ontario is a world leader in the fight against climate change. Under Kathleen Wynne's inept leadership the cost of energy will soon be unaffordable for most Ontarians.
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    It Gotta love the idealism of youth. Wait until they start paying taxes, paying power bills , mortgage and food for a family. Then they find out carbon production hasn't dropped one iota. Gotta hurt.
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    Leave it to good ole Al to praise another inept and costly decision made by the cash strapped Wynne gov't. Al can say what he wants but he won't be the one paying for it so his opinion probably doesn't mean anything to the people of Ontario. Wynne will be gone in a few short months along with her cap and trade scam.
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    Get this fraud out of my country and have him go back and fix his own along with Jane Fonda
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    Don’t forget who Gore’s wife was. Remember Tipper? She was the one who took Ozzy, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, all those bands to court blaming them for all the evils in the world. One is as batty as the other. Why would Canadians want to ruin our economy when we contribute so little. As it is going, if you believe this charlatan , we are doomed no matter. The real “big” contributors have to drastically change their ways , and they won’t . I have even heard it said that places like China and India deserve to be able to take advantage of their growing economies as the west had for so long. But are we not going to die or something here? If it was ever as dire a situation as these scaremongers claim it is would the leaders have no other option but to force change? Seems they don’t believe it . What they do believe is that electricity is the new cash-cow and they are purposely drive the costs of it up . This is totally by design. If they truely believed the so-called scientists then they would be making every effort to make electricity as economical as possible to encourage total compliance. After all are we not going to die or something if we don’t?