Climate change takes center stage on every late night talk show

In a show of solidarity for Climate Week, several late shows agreed to put a special emphasis on climate change Wednesday night. Jimmy Fallon welcomed Jane Goodall, while James Corden spoke with Bill Gates. Corden and Seth Meyers even appeared together to kick off their shows. Stephen Colbert spoke about the UN General Assembly, which is currently meeting at UN headquarters in New York. President Biden spoke there on Tuesday, where he vowed to address the challenges of climate change.

“Hundreds of world leaders are meeting with climate activists to attempt the one thing to fight climate change that no industrialized nation has done before,” Colbert said, “Anything.”

Over on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah warned climate deniers who also happen to like coffee, that climate change will have an adverse effect on the quality of their coffee.

“What’s crazier for me, is that this is gonna make coffee taste worse, that’s what they said,” Noah said. “That blew my mind, ‘cause I already think coffee tastes like you burned dog hair and put the ashes in a cup of water.”

Meanwhile, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel welcomed back a group of climate scientists who appeared on his show five years ago to warn of the dangers of climate change. As Earth’s temperature continues to rise at an alarming rate, the scientists now had a slightly different message.

“We f***ing told you so,” said one scientist. Another added, “We told you we’d be f***ed by climate change.” Finally, another simply said, “It’s almost like we knew what we were talking about.”

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