Close call for 'Police Academy' star Michael Winslow during live 'AGT' elimination night

During America's Got Talent's live results show Wednesday night, Police Academy star Michael Winslow, who made his epic comeback during his audition back in July, was in danger of elimination.

The 62-year-old self-described "voicetramentalist," who is best known for playing Officer Larvell Jones in all seven Police Academy films, found himself among the three acts vying for the live "Wildcard Instant Save" vote by America. And while Winslow kind of had an off night, with a slow routine that had Simon saying, "I think there's a pattern tonight. Nobody seems to be doing better than their audition," ultimately, America decided to give him a second chance.

" I'm so proud of you, Michael," said judge Howie Mandel. "I think you came to this competition already an accomplished superstar and you've shown everybody out there how important this stage is, and I would just say to you – you do you and you got nothing to be nervous about. You deserve to be here. I know it's hard to get back on stage when you've been off for a long time, but you've got the flow and now and now you've got to go. I'm so excited."

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