Close shave in store for McMurrich/Monteith firefighter recruit with impressive beard

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A McMurrich/Monteith firefighter recruit is shaving his impressive beard to raise money for a new off-road vehicle for the fire department.

Jacob Comer said that he was interested in joining the fire department and one of the requirements is a clean-shaven face in order to be able to wear an air pack.

“With that being said, an idea popped into my head: why not start it as a fundraiser,” said Comber, adding that he wanted to join the fire department to be able to help the community.

The money raised will go to the McMurrich/Monteith Firefighters Association to upgrade the departments' off-road vehicle.

“(The Fundraiser) would add some fun into my life along with others,” said Comer about the fundraiser.

“Plus, the beard’s got to go.”

On Jan. 16, the fire department posted about the fundraiser on its Facebook page.

The post states that the fire station is hoping to raise $1,000 to put towards a new off-road vehicle and donation “boots” can be found at Kirk’s Gas or the Township office in Sprucedale.

“Once we have raised our goal, we will do a live video of Jake having his beard taken off,” the post reads.

So far, according to a separate Facebook post by the fire department, Jeff Maki Trucking Inc. has donated $100 and challenged other local businesses to meet or beat his donation of $100.

Answering the call was Chris MacArthur, owner of Big Bear Motor Lines, who “sweetened the pot” and matched Jeff Maki Trucking’s donation.

Asked why he donated, MacArthur replied, while he couldn’t serve on the fire department any more due to his career, he felt he could still support its endeavours.

“I am a former resident of McMurrich/Monteith and served on the fire department there – I know how important fundraising is and the challenges small departments face in getting proper training,” said MacArthur.

So far, the fire department said it has raised a total of $510 to put towards the new off-road vehicle.

For those who are unable to make it into Sprucedale to donate, e-transfers to are available.

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